Who I am and Why I am Here

I have been writing for a couple of weeks now and as I am not dead yet I thought I would introduce myself.My name is Adriaan and well I am a Football Addict.This is a serious problem for the people living with me.My late night celebratings tend to wake everyone up and on weekends every game must be watched.

I am a Manchester City fan and have been supporting my team for the last 5 years.I know this is not a lot but I come from South Africa were rugby is the main sport.So it took some time for me to find my love for football.

I blog about anything football and try to make my posts interesting with a dash of humor.

I consider myself an active blogger,who likes to comment on other people’s blogs and reply to all comments on my posts.

Football is not boring.But some blogs about football are boring.I want my posts to be appealing to everyone even if you’re not a big football fan like me.I also want to connect with people who share my passion for the game and try to get other people to develop a passion for the game.

What it takes to win

Many think Leicester won the title because the so called bigger teams f*cked up.I think they simply did all the right things to win.

Leicester came back 9 times from losing positions this season.This shows their determination and never give up attitude.They didn’t mind someone scoring against them because they knew they had the power to fight back.In fact I think they liked it because it gave them more incentive to run more,tackle harder and look for the Jamie Vardy pass.

Talent alone won’t win you matches.Just look at Manchester City, they probably have the best talent in the league but failed to beat any of the top six this season.Why?Because they didn’t have the determination or the power to fight back in games.

It also looked like the Leicester players were playing for each other.They faught for one another on the pitch.If you came in and told Jamie Vardy that he is just a shit Wayne Rooney, your teeth might be going home with different members of the Leicester team.

Each time I watched Leicester I wished I was a Leicester fan.The Leicester supporters were outstanding throughout the season.I wished my lungs could fly to Leicester and breath in the atmosphere during games.

Leicester showed us that hard work,unity,determination,support and a Jamie Vardy is what you need to win.

What do you think it takes to win?

Alternative Team Of The Year

The PFA had their say,now it’s my turn.

Gk-Kasper Schmeichel

At one one stage he kept 5 clean sheets in a row only for West Ham to spoil his party.With 15 clean sheets this season he is joint top with Joe Hart.Without Kasper all Leicester’s 1-0’s with probably have ended in defeat.Mahrez may deserve the PFA Player of the year award but Kasper surely deserves The Golden Gloves.

RB-Héctor Bellerín 

I really can’t think of a better right back this season than Hector Bellerin.It looks like the PFA got this one right.

RCB-Virgil van Dijk

He is the tallest player on the pitch and as strong as two Zlatans.He has the characteristics of a salmon to rise up and score beautifully headed goals.But other than that he is a bloody good defender as well.

LCB-Scott Dann

With 5 goals he is one of the top scoring defenders this season.Palace have endured a difficult run of form this year but without Scott Dann it might have been worse.

LB-Aaron Cresswell

He is one of West Ham’s hardest working players and scores some stunning goals as well.I think he will be in high demand in the next transfer window.


When he gets a free-kick their is a good chance that he will score.In a disappointing season for Chelsea he has been one of the standouts of the team.

RCM-Etienne Capoue

If you play a game against this guy you should wear a net between your legs because he will nutmeg you.Just ask Tottenham, he nutmegged three if their players(identity unknown because of the shame) in a row.

LCM-Mesut Özil

Rated as one of the best attacking midfielders in football but loses out to Payet in the PFA team of the year.Perhaps if he had a world class striker he would now be on 100 assists and Arsenal would be winning the league.Top of the assists table with 18 is also not bad.

LM-Kevin De Bruyne 

He is one of the most creative players in the league and if not for his injury I think he would have made the PFA’s team of the year.He has the right balance of skill,vision and the ability to score goals.

LS-Sergio Agüero 

I don’t know what the PFA have against this player but he deserves to be in anyone’s team of the year.He became the second fastest player to reach a 100 goals in the premier league this season(behind Alan Shearer).I mean this guy is a beast and is probably one of the top 5 best players in football.

RS-Romelu Lukaku

This player has everything you need in a striker;pace,skill,strength,headers,finishing and he is still 22 years old.With 18 goals this season for a struggling Everton is an incredible achievement.

Do you agree with my team selection?Who would you add?

Do you really need to spend big?

Football clubs are spending more and more on players but is it necessary?

Dele Alli transfered from MK Dons to Spurs for 6.63 million €. His market value is now 12 million €.With 10 goals and 9 assists this season he has transformed into one of the Premier League’s best midfielders.Included in the PFA Team Of The Year and nominated for best young player.Not bad for someone who just recently turned 20.He is young,bursting with talent,scores stunning goals and if Spurs can hold onto him might just win them the league.

Dimitri Payet transfered from Marseille to West Ham for 15 million €.He is my buy of the season with 12 goals and 12 assists in all competitions this season.Included in the PFA team of the year and nominated for player of the season.He hunts for nutmegs,scores incredible free-kicks,skills you onto your arse and is “better than Zidane”.

Riyad Mahrez transfered from AC Le Havre to Leicester City for 500 thousand € . His market value now is a whopping 20 million€.With 16 goals and 10 assists he is included in the PFA Team Of The Year and will probably win player of the year.He scores more than Raheem Sterling assists more than Eden Hazard and will maybe even win the league with Leicester.

These players are proof that you don’t have to spend big to get quality players with good stats.

Who else deserves a mention?

You need to fight

In the past days we saw some of the best fighting football this season.

Atletico Madrid-2 vs FC Barcelona-0 (Champions league)

Atletico came into the match 2-1 down on aggregate.Thanks to Fernando Torres they did score a crucial away goal.You can also blame Torres for losing them the match with his furious fighting tackles wich resulted in a very bad red card.

In the second leg the Atletico players were transformed into football soldiers.Barcelona did not get one second with the ball without a Atletico soldier fighting them off.Atletico were unfortunately punished for their aggression with four yellow cards.But this did not stop one Atletico soldier,Antoine Griezemann from shooting two arrows into the still beating heart of Barcelona,knocking the favourites out of the competition.

Liverpool-4 vs Borussia Dortmond-3 (Europa league)

Liverpool came into the game leading on away goals from their 1-1 draw in the first leg.

The first ten minutes of the game could be witnessed from space, with lots of lights being switched off from around the world as most Liverpool supporters switched  off their TV’s and went to bed.Dortmond scored two quick goals.

In the Liverpool dressing room at half time Jürgen Klopp told his players to create a story they would one day tell their grandchildren.

In the 48th minute some lights started to flick on again.Divock Origi scored for Liverpool.The moment was short lived as Marco Reus broke Liverpool hearts and scored a sublime goal.But this was good.The broken heart  was replaced with the heart of a warrior.The Liverpool players soked up the energy of the crowd and scored in the 66th minute(Coutinho), 77th minute(Sakho) and finally in the 91st minute(Lovren) to make the score 4-3 and sending Anfield into joyful merriment.

These teams show us that even though you have talent without fight that talent is worth nothing.

What are some of the best fight backs you have seen?

Dreams? Do they come true?

Leicester City has all of their fans dreaming of title success.

If you told a Leicester fan at the beginning of the season that they would be top of the table he would probably tell you to f*ck off.That Leicester fan is probably regretting his words right now.Leicester is all football fans’s new high.They defy logic and laugh in the face of the so called big clubs.Jamie Vardy showed us that dreams do come true if you work hard at it.That has now transpired to the whole Leicester community.

But the thing with dreams are that you have to wake up at some point.This is football,your dreams can be crushed in the giant hands of the immortal football gods.Can Leicester defy the gods as well?.Raneiri has trained his players like gladiator warriors and armed them with the sword of hard work, the shield of believe and the helmet of champions.If I were a footballing god I would tremble at the mere sight of Raneiri’s Leicester army. Remembering I am a footballing god though, I would knock them all down like they were bowling pins with my lighting free-kick strike.

If ever their was a perfect example of dreams coming true,Leicester winning the league would be it.We can tell our kids that we lived in a time wich saw the biggest dream come true.If you’re Jamie Vardy you know that dreams do come true. But is it applicable to the whole Leicester team? We will have to see after 6 games.