Why Leicester City won’t win the Premier League

I know if I get this wrong I may be branded as an idiot for the rest of my life.But let me explain my bold statement.

At the beginning of the season everyone was of opinion that either Manchester City or Arsenal wil win the Premier League except maybe if you’re a Leicester fan who bet his house on them winning the league.Now though everyone is thinking that Leicester City will win the league,it looks like the Leicester fan will keep his house.This season however has been labeled “The most unpredictable season in the existence of the Premier League”,bad news for the Leicester fan and his house.Nobody is really expecting City to win the league anymore except maybe if you’re me or a very optimistic City fan.Yes City have not yet won a game against a top six opponent but they have performed better against teams outside the top six wich I think will help them reach title success and put one Leicester fan on the street.Now you’re probably thinking nobody is expecting Aston Villa or Man United to win the league either.Well Aston Villa winning the league is like some man jumping of a very tall building and expecting to fly like he’s some sort of superhero, it’s just not gonna happen ,that man will most likely be relegated or die.In the case of Man United,they have done extremely well against top six opponents but when it comes to the other thirteen opponents they have not come up to scratch.

Manuel Pellegrini has said that to win the Premier League this season would require only 75 points.This is the goal he has set his team.City will however need to win all their remaining games to achieve this goal.Unlike Leicester , Man City have won two Premier League titles and each time coming from behind to clinch it at the last minute.

I am big football fan and I, like all football fans deep down want Leicester to win the league.It will be the most beautiful moment in football history if the Foxes take the title.I will most likely get up,go outside,look up at the sky and wipe away a few tears and remember it has the best achievement in Premier League history apart from Eden Hazard scoring a goal of course.

This crazy season needs a crazy end and Manchester City winning the league will provide just such madness as required.


Author: adifaast42

Passionate about football.

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