I am left STUNNED every time

Leicester City’s title challenge is proof that fairytales do exist.I am left stunned every time I watch them play.

In all of the most recent games in wich Leicester have played I think”Okay this is the one where they pack up their little bag of tricks and go back to where they belong”but like someone with no sense of time they just keep on performing magic.They continue to leave me baffled.It’s like reading a book when you know how it’s going to end.I mean, you wil even struggle to repeat Leicester’s achievement on Fifa.

Logic dictates that Leicester should not be leading,they should be in the bottom half of the table.What Raneiri and his players have done is take the logic book,pissed on it and like a punk rockstar unwrote the pages and replaced them with their own words.

I love seeing Leicester play.They leave me stunned every time.But my logical brain is telling me that they won’t win the league,Raneiri and co might have to piss on my head for me to finally believe.


Author: adifaast42

Passionate about football.

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