Dreams? Do they come true?

Leicester City has all of their fans dreaming of title success.

If you told a Leicester fan at the beginning of the season that they would be top of the table he would probably tell you to f*ck off.That Leicester fan is probably regretting his words right now.Leicester is all football fans’s new high.They defy logic and laugh in the face of the so called big clubs.Jamie Vardy showed us that dreams do come true if you work hard at it.That has now transpired to the whole Leicester community.

But the thing with dreams are that you have to wake up at some point.This is football,your dreams can be crushed in the giant hands of the immortal football gods.Can Leicester defy the gods as well?.Raneiri has trained his players like gladiator warriors and armed them with the sword of hard work, the shield of believe and the helmet of champions.If I were a footballing god I would tremble at the mere sight of Raneiri’s Leicester army. Remembering I am a footballing god though, I would knock them all down like they were bowling pins with my lighting free-kick strike.

If ever their was a perfect example of dreams coming true,Leicester winning the league would be it.We can tell our kids that we lived in a time wich saw the biggest dream come true.If you’re Jamie Vardy you know that dreams do come true. But is it applicable to the whole Leicester team? We will have to see after 6 games.


Author: adifaast42

Passionate about football.

6 thoughts on “Dreams? Do they come true?”

  1. I think they will win the league. At first i thought Spurs will sneak pass them but Spurs are obviously not handling the pressure the right way and they aren’t winning the important games, so i think Leicester dreams are coming true and they should be proud of the work they have put to achieve this.


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