Who I am and Why I am Here

I have been writing for a couple of weeks now and as I am not dead yet I thought I would introduce myself.My name is Adriaan and well I am a Football Addict.This is a serious problem for the people living with me.My late night celebratings tend to wake everyone up and on weekends every game must be watched.

I am a Manchester City fan and have been supporting my team for the last 5 years.I know this is not a lot but I come from South Africa were rugby is the main sport.So it took some time for me to find my love for football.

I blog about anything football and try to make my posts interesting with a dash of humor.

I consider myself an active blogger,who likes to comment on other people’s blogs and reply to all comments on my posts.

Football is not boring.But some blogs about football are boring.I want my posts to be appealing to everyone even if you’re not a big football fan like me.I also want to connect with people who share my passion for the game and try to get other people to develop a passion for the game.


Author: adifaast42

Passionate about football.

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