You need to fight

In the past days we saw some of the best fighting football this season.

Atletico Madrid-2 vs FC Barcelona-0 (Champions league)

Atletico came into the match 2-1 down on aggregate.Thanks to Fernando Torres they did score a crucial away goal.You can also blame Torres for losing them the match with his furious fighting tackles wich resulted in a very bad red card.

In the second leg the Atletico players were transformed into football soldiers.Barcelona did not get one second with the ball without a Atletico soldier fighting them off.Atletico were unfortunately punished for their aggression with four yellow cards.But this did not stop one Atletico soldier,Antoine Griezemann from shooting two arrows into the still beating heart of Barcelona,knocking the favourites out of the competition.

Liverpool-4 vs Borussia Dortmond-3 (Europa league)

Liverpool came into the game leading on away goals from their 1-1 draw in the first leg.

The first ten minutes of the game could be witnessed from space, with lots of lights being switched off from around the world as most Liverpool supporters switched  off their TV’s and went to bed.Dortmond scored two quick goals.

In the Liverpool dressing room at half time Jürgen Klopp told his players to create a story they would one day tell their grandchildren.

In the 48th minute some lights started to flick on again.Divock Origi scored for Liverpool.The moment was short lived as Marco Reus broke Liverpool hearts and scored a sublime goal.But this was good.The broken heart  was replaced with the heart of a warrior.The Liverpool players soked up the energy of the crowd and scored in the 66th minute(Coutinho), 77th minute(Sakho) and finally in the 91st minute(Lovren) to make the score 4-3 and sending Anfield into joyful merriment.

These teams show us that even though you have talent without fight that talent is worth nothing.

What are some of the best fight backs you have seen?

Dreams? Do they come true?

Leicester City has all of their fans dreaming of title success.

If you told a Leicester fan at the beginning of the season that they would be top of the table he would probably tell you to f*ck off.That Leicester fan is probably regretting his words right now.Leicester is all football fans’s new high.They defy logic and laugh in the face of the so called big clubs.Jamie Vardy showed us that dreams do come true if you work hard at it.That has now transpired to the whole Leicester community.

But the thing with dreams are that you have to wake up at some point.This is football,your dreams can be crushed in the giant hands of the immortal football gods.Can Leicester defy the gods as well?.Raneiri has trained his players like gladiator warriors and armed them with the sword of hard work, the shield of believe and the helmet of champions.If I were a footballing god I would tremble at the mere sight of Raneiri’s Leicester army. Remembering I am a footballing god though, I would knock them all down like they were bowling pins with my lighting free-kick strike.

If ever their was a perfect example of dreams coming true,Leicester winning the league would be it.We can tell our kids that we lived in a time wich saw the biggest dream come true.If you’re Jamie Vardy you know that dreams do come true. But is it applicable to the whole Leicester team? We will have to see after 6 games.

I am left STUNNED every time

Leicester City’s title challenge is proof that fairytales do exist.I am left stunned every time I watch them play.

In all of the most recent games in wich Leicester have played I think”Okay this is the one where they pack up their little bag of tricks and go back to where they belong”but like someone with no sense of time they just keep on performing magic.They continue to leave me baffled.It’s like reading a book when you know how it’s going to end.I mean, you wil even struggle to repeat Leicester’s achievement on Fifa.

Logic dictates that Leicester should not be leading,they should be in the bottom half of the table.What Raneiri and his players have done is take the logic book,pissed on it and like a punk rockstar unwrote the pages and replaced them with their own words.

I love seeing Leicester play.They leave me stunned every time.But my logical brain is telling me that they won’t win the league,Raneiri and co might have to piss on my head for me to finally believe.