What it takes to win

Many think Leicester won the title because the so called bigger teams f*cked up.I think they simply did all the right things to win.

Leicester came back 9 times from losing positions this season.This shows their determination and never give up attitude.They didn’t mind someone scoring against them because they knew they had the power to fight back.In fact I think they liked it because it gave them more incentive to run more,tackle harder and look for the Jamie Vardy pass.

Talent alone won’t win you matches.Just look at Manchester City, they probably have the best talent in the league but failed to beat any of the top six this season.Why?Because they didn’t have the determination or the power to fight back in games.

It also looked like the Leicester players were playing for each other.They faught for one another on the pitch.If you came in and told Jamie Vardy that he is just a shit Wayne Rooney, your teeth might be going home with different members of the Leicester team.

Each time I watched Leicester I wished I was a Leicester fan.The Leicester supporters were outstanding throughout the season.I wished my lungs could fly to Leicester and breath in the atmosphere during games.

Leicester showed us that hard work,unity,determination,support and a Jamie Vardy is what you need to win.

What do you think it takes to win?