Alternative Team Of The Year

The PFA had their say,now it’s my turn.

Gk-Kasper Schmeichel

At one one stage he kept 5 clean sheets in a row only for West Ham to spoil his party.With 15 clean sheets this season he is joint top with Joe Hart.Without Kasper all Leicester’s 1-0’s with probably have ended in defeat.Mahrez may deserve the PFA Player of the year award but Kasper surely deserves The Golden Gloves.

RB-Héctor Bellerín 

I really can’t think of a better right back this season than Hector Bellerin.It looks like the PFA got this one right.

RCB-Virgil van Dijk

He is the tallest player on the pitch and as strong as two Zlatans.He has the characteristics of a salmon to rise up and score beautifully headed goals.But other than that he is a bloody good defender as well.

LCB-Scott Dann

With 5 goals he is one of the top scoring defenders this season.Palace have endured a difficult run of form this year but without Scott Dann it might have been worse.

LB-Aaron Cresswell

He is one of West Ham’s hardest working players and scores some stunning goals as well.I think he will be in high demand in the next transfer window.


When he gets a free-kick their is a good chance that he will score.In a disappointing season for Chelsea he has been one of the standouts of the team.

RCM-Etienne Capoue

If you play a game against this guy you should wear a net between your legs because he will nutmeg you.Just ask Tottenham, he nutmegged three if their players(identity unknown because of the shame) in a row.

LCM-Mesut Özil

Rated as one of the best attacking midfielders in football but loses out to Payet in the PFA team of the year.Perhaps if he had a world class striker he would now be on 100 assists and Arsenal would be winning the league.Top of the assists table with 18 is also not bad.

LM-Kevin De Bruyne 

He is one of the most creative players in the league and if not for his injury I think he would have made the PFA’s team of the year.He has the right balance of skill,vision and the ability to score goals.

LS-Sergio Agüero 

I don’t know what the PFA have against this player but he deserves to be in anyone’s team of the year.He became the second fastest player to reach a 100 goals in the premier league this season(behind Alan Shearer).I mean this guy is a beast and is probably one of the top 5 best players in football.

RS-Romelu Lukaku

This player has everything you need in a striker;pace,skill,strength,headers,finishing and he is still 22 years old.With 18 goals this season for a struggling Everton is an incredible achievement.

Do you agree with my team selection?Who would you add?


Author: adifaast42

Passionate about football.

8 thoughts on “Alternative Team Of The Year”

  1. How has Aguero never made it into a team of the year?!

    I think the likes of Willian and Cresswell really have had great seasons. Cresswell should be in the England squad and Willian has undoubtedly been Chelsea’s best player this year – he is very underrated in my opinion.

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    1. I don’t know why Agüero never made a team of the year.Maybe he is just unlucky with injuries.But to pick Diego Costa over Agüero last season you must have recieved a check for 1 million pounds or you’re just mad.I agree Willian wil probably have recieved more praise if Chelsea still knew how to park the bus and play good football.


      1. Ozil does not work hard enough in my opinion and only has 3 assists in 2016. Does not show up in big games. Extremely frustrating to watch him only perform when he wants.


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