Four f*ck’s sake

Five out of the eight Premier League games this Saturday featured FOUR goals.

Aston Villa-0 vs Chelsea-4

If you’re a Villa fan you must be feeling suicidal right now.I mean four f*ck’s sake the club have spend over 60 million Euros on basically anyone who was half decent in Ligue 1 and now look! they are FOUR losses away from being confirmed relegated.

AFC Bournemouth-0 vs Manchester City-4

Man City have finally shown what they are capable off but four f*ck’s sake they should have scored at least FOUR more goals.They have gained some much needed confidence for when they face PSG in FOUR days time.

Arsenal-4 vs Watford-0

If you’re the type of person who believes history will repeat itself,you like I will know that Arsenal will finish FOURTH this season.If you’re a very angry Arsenal fan you will probably be thinking, four f*ck’s sake just sack Wenger.

Stoke City-2 vs Swansea City-2

The average Premier League nerd will of course know that Stoke City have won FOUR more games then Swansea so far this season.But four f*ck’s sake who really cares?Except maybe if you’re a Potters fan who likes to brag to Swansea fans.

West Ham United-2 vs Crystal Palace-2

Dimitri Payet has now scored FOUR free kicks for West Ham this season.Crystal Palace have not yet won a premier league game in 2016,I mean four f*ck’s sake.


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Passionate about football.

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